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In Your Classroom

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Are you a teacher, school faculty member, or organization that is interested in having real scientists and engineers speak with your students about the work they do? We would LOVE to connect you with one of our WISE members through the "Zoom a WISE Woman" program! Please contact our Outreach Team through the form below and let us know if there is a particular topic/area you are working on with your kids. Our Outreach Team will connect you with volunteers who will virtually meet with your students!

Interested in volunteering as a WISE Woman to talk with kids about the cool work you do? Inspire future engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and our world’s problem solvers with stories from your work and perseverance. Sign-up below to be matched with a classroom of excited kiddos who want to hear your experiences. Our WISE Outreach team will contact you when we have a match with a class!


What teachers are saying

“The speakers were enthusiastic, very prepared, and offered a wealth of information. We especially enjoyed speakers that included facility tours, demonstration videos, and interactive portions in their presentations. Several sessions included interdisciplinary connections that supported our curriculum. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to connect our learners with so many experts.”

-- Lianne Lindsey

   Jerry Knight STEM Academy, Mansfield, TX

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