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September 2020 ⋅ Member Newsletter ⋅ Vol 1

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

There is change in the air... new website, new logo, new events, oh my!

Meet the women behind the curtain and be featured in the #steminist spotlight.


Dear Members,

Welcome to Women in Science and Engineering at Texas A&M

University! Our organization was founded to serve and represent

women in all areas of science and engineering. Our mission is to

promote the involvement of women in the fields of science,

engineering, and technology. We aim to stimulate and

encourage young women to pursue such careers as well as act

as a support system for those that are currently pursuing

professional degrees.

This year, we are establishing a monthly newsletter where you

can find the most recent information on our events, highlights of

the amazing work our members are doing, and keep informed

on any other news we may have.

We are very excited that you have chosen to join our team and

are prepared for an amazing year ahead!


The WISE Board


Written and Edited by: Gabrielle Risica


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